Year: <span>2019</span>

List Of Career Opportunities for Singers

Compared to previous generations, music is a far more economically stable field today. While there are many opportunities within music itself, a vocalist is one of the most important individuals involved. With the advent of technology and diversity of media, a singer or vocalist has many career options these days. The salaries and packages for […]
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Do’s and Dont’s for aspiring singers

As an aspiring singer, there are certain things you need to get right to be in the right direction. If you follow all or even most of these steps, you will certainly make huge strides in your singing and presentation abilities. Just read all the do’s carefully and follow them sincerely. Do’s for aspiring singers […]
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How To Avoid Stage Fear For Singers

Stage fear is a common phenomenon among all artistes. The ones who are most scared are the ones who have to hold the mic – the speakers and the singers. While many aspiring artists complain of irregular heartbeat while facing the crowd, other complain of irregular breathing. The good news for you is, that the […]
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