5 Magical Key Benefits of Kharaj Riyaz

Music is an art and a science which is expressed through auditory medium and it is a science because it is made up of sounds and sounds is a part of physics which is universally applicable. It is an art because it is interpreted by different culture in a different way.

In music 12 sound frequencies are recognized as musical notes or what in Indian music, called as “Swara”. The group of swaras are called as Sargam. Essentially out of these 12 swaras, 7 swaras are considered to be main swaras (Sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni) and the eight swara ‘sa’ is denoted as the closing swara.

Generally when doing Riyaaz, singers have to match their frequency with that of the appropriate scale of harmonium. That is to hone the proper composition of swara and to do that, it is generally advised to do Kharaj Riyaaz.

Kharaj Riyaaz is done for complete perfection of swara’s frequency along with something popularly known as “Thaharav”. Classical singing classes focus heavily on Kharaj Riyaaz. Riyaaz of Kharaj starts from “mandra saptak” (SA, ni, dha, pa and so on). Practicing each note of the swara, one by one, over and over, again and again makes your voice both deep and resonant

Despite all that, Why Classical singing classes puts emphasis on Kharaj Riyaaz? As here are some key benefits of Kharaj that totally makes it worth for that hard exhausting practice?

1. Kharaj helps in developing clear ‘Base’ in your voice

Over the line, you’ve heard many singers with so much flawless and developed base and wondered why I don’t have this kind of uniqueness in my voice.
Well now you know, as it is one of the major benefit of this Riyaaz and one of the true assets which shows the patience and struggle done over years of practice. Something which is always told in Classical singing classes.

2. Kharaj brings out ‘Echo’ in your voice

Doing Riyaaz of Kharaj over and over tweaks your vocal anatomy in being more susceptible with the frequency of the harmonium’s scale and soon after that you start to feel the little echo in the swaras of mandra saptak.
A type of key benefit you easily realize in a singing classes or online singing classes.

3. Kharaj makes your ‘voice strong and sustainable’

Doing Riyaaz of Kharaj over and over also develops the blood flow of upper body. Inhaling and exhaling gets more natural and swift and vocal chords gets in sync with your lungs and breathing pattern instinctively.
Which overall reduces the effort while singing? Something which has been taught in our Online Singing classes.

4. Kharaj improves your ‘voice Range’

Believe me when I say, Kharaj can really improve your voice Range and your voice will sound more deep and expressive.
Good range is helpful in audio depiction of, best of that emotion, something which the singer wish to express. And art is all about expressing emotions – positive or negative, joy or pain, deep or shallow, whatever you name it. Mayoor’s Online singing classes caters these kinds of information for the new aspiring ones.

5. Kharaj makes your voice more ‘Durable and Resonant’

Now it must come as a common sense that practice of kharaj builds and strengthens your vocal muscles. Chords get more adaptive and vocal muscle more durable and you won’t run out of composure while performing either on stage or practice and a good vocal build-up brings confidence and helps in overcoming ‘stage phobia’.

Singing is a field of passion that needs both Talent and perseverance. People dedicate their whole life mastering this art. If anything is done wrong in the practice shows directly on the stage and if it’s so then they starts reminiscing over trivial stuff and lose their mental capacity and shut themselves off from the world.
Unable to do anything gives up all hope of ever recovering. And it totally makes sense who wants to dedicate his/her entire life just to achieve negativity and defeat.

Kharaj is one of those riyaaz, if done wrong can really stoop your throat for an entire day or longer and nothing is gained from this riyaaz technique rather you lose more then what you gained.

So doing everything right in the right way or making right things in the right way during and after practice is what an online singing classes teaches you. So Join Mayoor’s Online singing classes and learn singing in the right way.