• A student is expected to attend all classes in the batch of 12 classes.

  • Before starting the course, a consultation will be provided by the school in which the student can ask any questions or can resolve his/her queries regarding courses, fees structure & timing.

  • A student may choose to have 2 classes per week if they wish to complete the course in a shorter duration.

  • If a student is absent for more than 2 classes, the given teacher/time slot will be closed for the student. After rejoining you may given the same time slot and the teacher on availability. Mayoor School of Music reserves the right to do the same.

  • The student may re-join for the same course within a maximum of 14 days from the last class attended. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the course.




  • The academy offers one on one virtual class.

  • The one on one class will be for 45 minutes and 1 class per week.




  • Class recordings will be provided by the school throughout the session and also for a week after the completion of the course (12 weeks-from the date of first video class). After seven days of the completion of the course the provided recordings will be unavailable.

  • The videos are only view-able.




  • The request to reschedule the class should be given at least a day in advance. The classes will be rescheduled keeping in mind the teacher and student’s availability.

  • The classes including the rescheduled classes should be scheduled within the timespan of 12 weeks(from the date of first video class).

  • If a class is canceled due to the unavailability of the teacher or due to technical problems arising from the MSM’s (Teacher’s) end, the class is rescheduled to a mutually agreed date and time.



  • Our pricing totally depends on the location, so the payment should be done as per the location.

  • In case if the student is traveling to another region, the Academy will allow the student to take a maximum of 4 classes outside their local region. If the classes exceed beyond 4 classes the student needs to pay in the local currency for the classes attended / will be attending.

  • If the student takes over 4 classes outside their local region, they would receive an e-mail requesting them to confirm their current location. In case their current location is different from the location of registration, they would be required to pay the difference in fees. Not hearing back from the student within 5 days of the e-mail request may lead to the suspension of their account.




  • Mayoor School of Music reserves the right to raise prices at any time. Both current and new students enrolling in any of the courses must pay the current prices in effect at the start of each course term.




  • Before admission/registration, we provide a video consultation and after the registration there will be an interaction session with Mayoor Chaudhary to make sure that the student is fully satisfied and aware of our services.

  • If the student wants to discontinue after the consultation they would be eligible only for a refund of 50% of the course fee.

  • Refund requests for courses must be made in writing to within 24 hours from the time of purchase.

  • There would be no refund for those students who have taken at least one virtual/video class.