Choose your unique style of singing in 4 easy steps

Your singing style that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd irrespective of any profession, singers are not apart from this rule too. The uniqueness is the ladder that takes you to the hierarchy in any profession with fame. Beginners always struggle to develop that singing style at early stages and therefore they lose the track, waste of time and the most importantly they go through failures leading to stress, sometimes depression, it’s probably too late to comprehend their own USP. By the time either they get out of the industry or get overshadowed by someone who seems in-charge. The opportunity in this industry is like a spark which can enlighten the entire world with your stardom, or it will fade away with time if the opportunity is not optimized and it will haunt you like a ghostthat never existed. So, all you rookies out there take a deep breath and relax for a moment to realize what you’ve to do next, in order to be a successful singer.

1. Figure out your speech pattern.

Speech-pattern is one of the uniqueness that we generally miss out because of its common practice, but a little care can make this extraordinary. Having observed a little bit like – how do you talk? Fast or slow, when you get angry, are you – loud? or do you have breaking voice when you get emotional?   i.e. your tone especially that matters, doesn’t it? The most beautiful but crucial, that is your conviction, your passion and dream that are bound with your own emotions. , Because the art of  singing is all about expression of emotions in various nodes

let’s suppose you’re a very silent, isolated, not talkative kind or in one-word introvert, but fond of listening to rap music. You try but find difficulties then There might be a high probability that rap may not work for you and better way to try the classical or mild songs that may work for you

So tone and speech pattern are the basic part of our lives but ignored mostly, as a singer one must capitalize these two assets.

2. Analyzing the Variation in your vocal strength while breathing

Sometimes when you try to imitate your favourite singers or a singer, you tend to get off track, or you can’t keep the pace up with the beats, sometimes you find difficulties to pronounce some words in their correct forms. These all happen because of your weak vocal muscles and your inability to hold your breath for long. So speech pattern along with pretext of your personality and duration between inhaling and exhaling will give you option to explore and to integrate your speech pattern in developing your vocal innards that suits your style of singing.

In order to develop your vocal muscles, you need to start some vocal exercises and also start practicing holding your breath, to increase its duration.

3. Imitate your ideal singer

After following the above   two steps, you have already laid out the foundation of uniqueness in your voice. Now you finally have some alternatives to opt and work with your unique style. So in this step you need to select those alternatives and imitate them over and over again, the lyrics with same rhythm and pronunciation become memorized by heart and form at your lips automatically like your favourite singers do, in simple words you have synchronized the style, lyrics, tone and nodes.  .

Now you finally have figured out your unique style of singing. You need to inculcate that style in your sub conscience and that only be done by imitating a lot of songs based on that particular style. You have to do this continuously because the music content is fed to you by another musician. You don’t know the hardship that goes into making of a song. Unless you keep practicing to versify your own voice and singing style, you can’t develop your vocal muscles, so keep on track, practice more and more,

4. Embrace Your Style

Now it is high time to accept what you’ve chosen, even if it has flaws or you’re having some doubt that whether it’ll work out or not. Well! You need not to worry much, just remember that you are in the developing phase and you should learn to embrace your style and keep practicing refining it further close to perfection. Your style should be something that fills everyone with joy. It should boost everyone morale and while you’re at it, your style should be recognized and embraced by others as well. So, take feedback from your family and friends and also remember that this is an initial step in finalizing your own unique benchmark style. So, don’t let any sceptical comment stop you. Bad reviews are always welcome; they contribute into our perfection, don’t they?

For a suggestion – as an any profession one must have his/her ideal, and one must read about the biography of his/her ideal, their hardship for their dreams show the right track and it always motivates.