Karaoke Club

MSM Karaoke Club

MSM Karaoke club is a single platform for all music lovers to come together. It is a musical get together for all music lovers to interact and appreciate each other’s music.

  This platform is for those music lovers who did not get a chance to show their talent and carry on their passion for music and are practising for years but not able to share it with anybody.

  This platform is open for all age groups to become its members and participate in its musical activities.


The set up is of advanced quality in terms of sound etc. Musicians are also there and with their help you can take your talent to the next level.


  I, Mayoor Chaudhary, am happy that I am able to give all music lovers a common platform and you all have supported me in this musical effort and have come from far off places to participate in it.  Once again, I welcome you all in this musical get together.