Music Career : 8 things you need to know

Have you been learning music as a hobby and now you want to get more serious, then you’re in the right place. In this blog, I will give you some suggestions which will help you to see things more precisely and will guide you on how to start and where to start.
I am going to cover the beginning steps you will need to think about when setting the grounds for your music career as an independent artist. Although this guide is more towards performing artists like singers and songwriters. But I feel a lot of this can still apply to instrumentalists as well.
And you don’t have to be in the music industry to work with some famous singers or writers. Thanks to the internet, you can do everything by yourself, having contact or being in the music industry is helpful for sure as it can provide resources and expertise that allow you to focus on the creative aspect, but if you are someone who has the talent but not the contact, believe me, that’s enough because you can use the entire social media platforms to grow as a popular singer.
We will talk about how to use social media platforms for a music career but not in this blog.

The disadvantage of starting a music career all by yourself is that it is going to be a little tough as you need to work a lot, you have to manage a lot of things by yourself like you have to be creative as well as you should also know how to earn from it. There is going to be rejection, lack of money, and personal hardship, but the struggle is important to be successful. It can be baffling, but I hope this blog will be a good starting point for you and serve you as a road map for laying the foundation of your path towards the music career.

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So let’s start with the main topic.

Invest in Quality Audio and Visual Equipment:

This is the first and the most important point, you should do some research on these things as it will deliver your music to the world, so make sure it is good in quality. Your performance in itself will greatly depend on the quality of your sound. Without the right sound equipment, you will not be able to reach your audience. Your equipment includes your instruments to your lights and special effects and also recording equipment.
So, finding an instrument and equipment distributor is a great place to start.

Turn Negative Comments into Inspiration:

Accept it, there is going to be a lot of negativity around you, there are people who will be supporting you, and then there will be people who will be demotivating or discouraging you. It is totally up to you how well you are going to handle the situation.

These are just some of the personal challenges you may experience. While they may seem like demotivating factors, but you can always find inspiration in them.

Whenever you feel discouraged, don’t walk away. Give yourself space, relax a little, and get back to it. 

Maybe, these discouragements will inspire you to write a top-selling album.

Create something your audience will love:

Before producing music, you should first understand your audience. To have a lucrative career you must create music that your audience wants to listen to.

It’s essential to lead your passion to find the right sound, genre, and target audience for the music you create. So, do some research on your targeted audience to understand their needs and requirements. You can search:

  • Where is your audience? 
  • What they love listening to?
  • What kind of audience you are targeting?
  • How old is your audience? 
  • What do they prefer to listen to? 
  • What do they hate?
  • Where do they listen to music? 

Start writing:

Write your thoughts and try to make a song out of it, try writing rap songs, observe things, understand your feeling, and try to convert them into words, it will make you more creative.

After all, the music is what binds the musician and the fans. And this connection can make or break the success of the musician.

Don’t let your ego control your decisions:

You cannot satisfy everyone, there will be people who will always disrespect and disagree with you. You have to keep your calm to achieve your goals. You cannot convince everyone that your music is good if those people disagree.

You cannot expect people to help you or respect your music all the time.

You have to be humble and kind to reach the position you want to be.

Paraphrase negative opinions as guidelines for improvement and not as personal attacks or humiliations. Just be nice to everyone.

Respond to messages, give feedback, meet other artists, give shout-outs on social media, congratulate people who succeed faster than you, and say thank you to everyone who likes your songs. It just builds a good image.

Promote your music online:

The Internet will help to reach your audience and for that, it is important to choose the right platforms to promote your music, as we know YouTube is a platform for video sharing. So start from there, build your channel be dedicated, post regularly.

Having a website and maintaining a social media presence both are essential, and also make sure you appear on Spotify. These days Spotify is dominating the online music industry so, if you can get yourself into one person’s playlist, others will follow.

Now it is time to promote your music offline:

Online promotion will help you get a large and active audience but it does not mean you should only focus on that. Even though we are living in a digital world but offline promotion will indirectly help your online presence.

Participate in some Karaoke events, sing to your friends and family, ask them to share your music videos with their friends, try to make friends who have the same interest as you, if you get the opportunity to sing don’t miss it just grab it, sing on your family functions like wedding, get-together and all. That way you will attract more people.

Never Stop Learning:

Don’t ever consider yourself as someone who knows everything, rather think of yourself as a beginner and continue learning and exploring, it will teach you to stay humble and you will discover a lot more about music.

Find out different ways to improve your music, learn from those who have more experience, they can give you the best advice, rather than getting jealous or demotivated by other’s achievements, find inspiration, talk to them, learn from their experience, filter it, and apply to your lifestyle.

But remember don’t stop!

Bottom Line

Before including all these steps in your career, you need to believe in yourself and your talent, self-doubt is very harmful, it will kill your talent.
So make sure you erase all the negativity and just focus on your career, all the problems and struggles will pay off one day, just remember that.