Customised Vocal Course



At Mayoor School of Music, we believe in empowering you to shape your musical destiny. With our Customized Vocal Training course, you have the reins to design your own musical journey. Recognize your needs, identify your weaknesses, and let us help you turn those weaknesses into strengths.

Course Highlights:

🎵 Your Course, Your Way: This course puts you in control. Tell us the topics and areas you want to explore, and we’ll customize the course to match your aspirations.

📜 Tailored to Perfection: Choose the topics and class frequency that align with your specific requirements. Craft a course that suits your pace and musical ambitions.

📆 Weekly Classes: Immerse yourself in music with 12 weekly classes, each session thoughtfully crafted to fit seamlessly into your schedule. Every class is designed to make the most of your valuable time, lasting between 50 to 55 minutes.

🌟 Learning Outcomes:

1. Versatile Singing Style: Develop a singing style that spans across classical and Bollywood genres, allowing you to embrace the rich diversity of Indian music.

2. Mastery of Musical Theory: Gain a deeper understanding of musical theory and techniques, providing you with a strong foundation to elevate your performance.

3. Vocal Range and Control: Enhance your vocal range, control, and expression, enabling you to convey emotions and melodies with precision.

4. Confidence Building: Build confidence in both live performances and studio recordings, equipping you to shine on any musical stage.

5. Unique Musical Identity: Unearth and nurture your unique musical identity, setting you apart as a distinctive and memorable performer.

Embark on a musical journey that is as unique as you are. Enroll in our Customized Vocal Training course today and let the power of music be in your hands..



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