Flute is an instrument from Ancient India. It is also associated with Indian Mythology as Lord
Krishna used to Play it. This course will have 12 classes. Every Class will be off 50 to 55mins. The
Course duration will be of 3 Months


With this course master the technique of flute playing including tone production, breathe control,
vibrato, dynamic control, correct fingerings (regular, alternate, and trill), articulation styles,
intonation tendencies and corrective measures.

  •  Information about flute its hole and griping, history of flute.
  •  How to grip flute.
  • How to blow in flute.
  • How to blow and make sound in flute.
  • Lesson on Saa, Alankars
  • Tabla taal information
  • Variation in Alankarik taans
  • Bandish in raag
  • Songs Practise


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