Unlock the melodious world of the Harmonium with our comprehensive course at Mayoor School of Music!

🎶 Discover the Harmonium: The Harmonium is a unique musical instrument, a free-reed organ that creates enchanting melodies as air flows past vibrating metal reeds in a frame. It’s an integral part of Indian music, particularly in classical genres.

📜 Course Highlights:
– Foundations of Harmonium: Learn the fundamental techniques of playing the Harmonium.
– Versatile Harmonium: Explore the Harmonium’s role as both a solo instrument and accompaniment.
– Alankar Mastery: Master the art of playing 5 Alankars in any Taal, adding depth to your music.
– Sawra Sensation: Dive into the world of Shuddha and Vikrit Sawra on the Harmonium.
– Saptak Symphony: Play Sawra across all three Saptaks, expanding your musical range.
– Folk and Dhun: Delight in playing traditional Folk and Dhun melodies.
– Vocal Harmony: Accompany your singing with Harmonium for Songs, Geets, Gazals, Bhajans, and Patriotic Songs.
– Raag Exploration: Explore 5 Alankars with Madhya Laya in any Two basic Raags.
– Thaat Mastery: Develop expertise in playing Aroh-Avaroh in all Ten Thats, both Suddha and Vikrit Swara.
– Taans and Gat: Create captivating Madhya Laya gats with at least Two Taans.
– Light Music Brilliance**: Dive into the world of Light Music compositions.
– Filmy Finesse: Play Filmy songs based on various Ragas, adding a cinematic touch to your repertoire.

🎵 Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your Harmonium skills, our course is designed to help you unlock the full potential of this mesmerizing instrument. Join us on this harmonious journey of music exploration.


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