Hindustani Classical Vocal For Adults


Training Objectives-
Pitch Correction
Scale Finding for better singing
Warm up for further vocal practice.
Voice Making
Swar Abhyas with sur sargam upto 15 sargam
Learning about rhythm.
Taal - Dadra, Keharwa.
Technical help in singing better.
Correction of mouth positioning & pronunciation of correct words for correct singing.

Prerequisite -
No prior knowledge of music is required. They should have a device for classes and

1. Bhajan - Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari
2. Man Ki Veena Se Gunjit Dhwani Mangalam
3. Mera Mulk Mera Desh
4. Aan Milo Sajna
5. Folk - Ghoomar
6. Bhajan - Achuyutam Keshavam.
( You can choose any other songs as well)
1. Will gain knowledge of Swaras.
2. Will gain ear training for correct scales
3. Train your senses for rhythm
4. Will be habituated to sing with Swaras.
5. Grasping power will increase musically.

Training Objectives
1. Voice Making
2. Warm-up to Prepare Vocals.
3. Learning Chromatic Notes
4. Basic Learning about Thaat.
5. Raag - Bilawal, Bhupaali
6. Swar Abhyas - Upto 20 sargam
7. Rhythm Theory
8. Taal theory, Teen Taal
9. Learning about chords for vocal training
10. Songs

Prerequisite -
Students must have completed Level 1 of Hindustani Classical Vocal Music.

Songs -
Paayoji Mene Ram Ratan Dhan Paayo
Shyaama Aan Baso Vrindavan Mein
Taal Teen - Thumari - Rangi Sari
Folk - Kaun Disha Mein
Bhajan - Kanha Aan Baso.

Learning Outcomes -
Vocal Chords will enhance
Stability in vocals will increase
Students will be able to sing with Swaras smoothly & at a speed.
Students will become more flexible with shifting of notes.
Preparation of taal for Basic Raagas.

Training Objectives
1. Voice Culture & Techniques
2. Voice production for better singing.
3. Warm up for strengthening of the vocal.
4. Thaat - Kalyan, Khamaj, Kaafi
5. Sargam practice within the thaat
6. Ornamentation of melodies - Gamak
7. Rhythm Theory
8. Raag - Yaman, Khamaaj
9. Songs

Prerequisite -
Students must have completed Level 2 of Hindustani Classical Vocal Music.

Songs -

Saja Do Ghar Ko Gulshan Sa
Aisi Laagi Lagan
Taal - Keharwa, Thumri - Lat Uljhi
Folk - Navarj Majhi
Bhajan - Shyam Teri Bansi

Learning Outcomes -
Vocab will be more strengthened.
Students will be introduced to ornamentation of melodies.
Students will be more comfortable shifting notes with the practice of the throat.
Students will learn to sing Ragas in taal.
Students will learn the melodic structure of songs and the bandish of Ragas.

Training Objectives
1. Modified Practice for vocals like warm up for vocals like Sargam practice , Swar Sadhna.
2. Thaat - Aasawari, Bhairav, Bhairavi.
3. Ornamentation - Bhind & Kan Riyaz.
4. Technical & Applied theory of musical ornamentation.
5. Sargam practice within the thaat & ornamentation.
6. Introduction to Raag Kaafi & Bhairav.
7. Applied theory of Ragas in light & Bollywood music.
8. Theory of rhythm
10. Songs

Prerequisite -
Students must have completed Level 3 of Hindustani Classical Vocal Music.

Songs -

Tu Hai Kya Mere Liye
Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha
Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe ho
Dadra Taal - Thumri - Mohe Panghat Pe
Folk - Chaap Tilak
Bhajan - Yashomati Mayya Se
Aisi Lagi Lagan

Learning Outcomes -
Students will learn voice modulation
Students will become more versatile with the practice of different genres of songs.
Students will gain confidence as with the practice of ornamentation , Thaat, Ragas.
Students will learn Ragas with mentioned taal.
As our one year course ends, the students will gain strength, stillness & feels in their voice & learn ornamentation, few Thaat & Ragas with rhythm.


Our Hindustani Classical Vocal for kids is a musical journey that covers a wide spectrum as well as deep dive into Hindustani Classical music which ultimately helps in cultural awareness by exploring a wide range of Raags, Taal, Swaras. etc.


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