Hindustani Classical Vocal For Kids



Our Hindustani Classical Vocal Comprehensive Annual Course for Kids is a year-long musical adventure specially crafted for young enthusiasts. This comprehensive course provides children with a solid foundation in Hindustani Classical Vocal while offering an additional 3 months of training for free!

Yearly Curriculum:

Months 1-3: Musical Fundamentals for Kids
– Introduction to Alankars and Swars (Kid-Friendly)
– Fun with Tanpura Basics
– Discovering Basic Ragas in a Child-Friendly Way
– Simple Bandish for Kids
– Mastery of Alankars and Swara Abhyas (Kid-Friendly)
– Fun Exploration of Child-Friendly Ragas
– Introduction to Kid-Friendly Taals

Months 4-6: Exploring Melodies for Kids
– Kid-Friendly Raga Exploration
– Alap and Swar Vistar in Child-Friendly Manner
– Taal Adventure (Kid-Friendly)
– Child-Friendly Chhota Khyal Bandish
– Kid-Friendly Folk Songs
– Kid-Friendly Bhajans and Devotional Songs

Months 7-9: Advancing Musical Skills for Kids
– Kid-Friendly Introduction to More Complex Ragas
– Expressive Alap and Swar Vistar (Kid-Friendly)
– Kid-Friendly Taal Mastery
– Advanced Child-Friendly Bandishes
– Kid-Friendly Taalim of Traditional Bandish
– Fun Musical Games and Activities

Months 10-12: Young Maestros in the Making
– Kid-Friendly Raaga Alap and Taans
– Advanced Kid-Friendly Taal Structures
– Kid-Friendly Chhota Khyal Brilliance
– Introducing Kids to Tabla Rhythms (Kid-Friendly)
– Fun With Musical Compositions
– Encouraging Creativity in Young Musicians

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this comprehensive annual course, young students will:

– Develop a strong foundation in Hindustani Classical music in a child-friendly manner.
– Master Alankars, Swars, and Kid-Friendly Taals.
– Explore the beauty of Ragas in a child-friendly way.
– Express themselves through music with child-friendly bandishes.
– Gain confidence in singing Folk Songs and Bhajans.
– Get introduced to Tabla rhythms in a child-friendly manner.
– Cultivate creativity and love for music in a fun and nurturing environment.

This “Hindustani Classical Vocal Comprehensive Annual Course for Kids with 3 Months Free Training” offers young music enthusiasts an engaging and progressive learning journey, including an extra three months of training at no additional cost. Join us and let your child’s musical journey flourish!


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