Karaoke Singing




Join our Karaoke Singing Course at Mayoor School of Music, and unlock your inner singing superstar!

🎤 Sing like a Pro: Singing is not just for professionals; anyone can sing with the right fundamentals and techniques. Whether you’re a music lover or aspire to be a Karaoke sensation, this course is for you.

🎵 Overcome Vocal Barriers: We’ve designed this course to help you conquer vocal challenges and elevate your singing without the need for extensive training.

📚 Curriculum Highlights:
– Scale: Learn how to choose the right scale for your voice.
– Taal: Master the rhythm and timing to sing confidently.
– Lyrics: Discover easy methods to learn and remember song lyrics.
– Song Selection: Choose the perfect songs to captivate your audience.
– Mic Techniques: Get the most out of your microphone for flawless performances.
– Presentation: Receive tips to make your next performance unforgettable.

🌟 Learning Outcomes:
– Avoid common mistakes when selecting the song scale.
– Sing freely without worrying about rhythm (Taal).
– Effortlessly learn and remember song lyrics.
– Choose the ideal songs to impress your audience.
– Gain valuable tips for memorable performances.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your Karaoke singing skills, our course is designed to help you sing your favorite songs with confidence. Don’t miss this opportunity to shine as a Karaoke star!


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