🎹 Keyboard Mastery: Unleash your musical potential with the keyboard, a versatile instrument that lets you create melodies with just a touch. Our course is designed for beginners who are eager to dive into the world of keyboard music.

🎵 Prerequisites:
– Have a keyboard at home to learn and practice with.
– Basic proficiency in playing the C major scale on the keyboard.

📚 Topics Covered:
– C Major Scale**: Master the fundamental scale that forms the basis of keyboard music.
– Practice C Major Scale on the Piano**: Hone your skills and build dexterity.
– Warm-up Exercises**: Prepare your fingers for a musical journey.
– Learn to Play a Song**: Dive into the world of melodies.
– Mukdha/Intro/First Verse**: Break down songs into manageable sections.
– Antara/Second Verse**: Explore the depth of music.
– Rest of the Song**: Complete your musical journey.

🕒 Flexible Learning: Our course consists of 12 weekly classes, each lasting 50 to 55 minutes, designed to seamlessly fit into your schedule. If you prefer a more intensive learning experience, feel free to inquire about our twice-a-week package.

Unlock the magic of the keyboard and start your musical adventure today!


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