Description –


Music has been part of human society for millions of years . It provides entertainment  and the power to comfort and support . With benefits for mental and physical mood . That’s why music can be so effective for stress relief .

Objectives –

1. Chanting of OM and humming to reduce stress.


  1. Warm Up Exercises.

    3. Swar Abhyas With 20 Alankaars .

    4. Learning about Rhythms and Scales. 


  1. Learn some stress relief raag and Songs
  2. Developing management of breath flow .

    Songs –

    1 Bhajan –
                    a. Payoji maine
  3. Thumak Chalat Ramchandra

    2. Gayatri Mantra 


  1. Agar Tum Saath Ho 


  1. Dil Diya Gallan 


  1. Raabta 


You can choose other songs as well . 


Learning Outcome – 


Incorporating music into your daily routine can significantly contribute to stress relief and overall well-being. 


Whether you’re seeking relaxation, anxiety alleviation, improved sleep, mindful meditation, or cognitive support, there’s a diverse range of  training to suit your needs. 

Experiment with different genres and compositions to discover what resonates best with you, and let the power of music guide you toward a more peaceful and stress-free state of mind.



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