Music For Youth



Music for Youth

Learning music at an early age will build self-confidence, improves academic skills and cultivates social skills. It introduces children to their sharpens and culture their memory. This course has been designed to help the children not only the part of learning music but also work on their overall development by improving their memorization, creativity, and self-confidence.

This course consists of 12 classes on a weekly basis (class duration 45 minutes).


Introduction Of Music
Swar Practice And One Hindi/ English Prayer
[Teri Hai Zameen (Hindi)/Ae Maalik Tere Bande Hum (Hindi)/Humko Man Ki Shakti Dena (Hindi)/Showers Of Blessings (English)/God’s Love (English)/You Are My All In All (English)]
Sargam And Alankar
Prayer Practice
Alankar Practise In Taal
Patterns Of Alankar
Students’ Choice Song
Knowing Raaga Yaman
Bandish(Chota Khayal)

Learning Objectives:

Kids will be able to understand the basics of music after this course.
Kids will be able to learn sargam and alankar.
Kids will be able to learn an English and Hindi prayer.
Kids will be able to learn a song of their choice.
Kids will be able to learn one Raga with Bandish.


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