Playback Singing Pack For Adults



Course – 3 months 


Playback singing is a crucial aspect of the entertainment industry, enabling singers to express the emotions of characters on screen or enhance musical compositions. It requires vocal versatility, emotion conveyance, and synchronization with on-screen actions, contributing significantly to the overall impact of visual and auditory storytelling.

Playback singing training encompasses vocal techniques, pitch control, emotive expression, and the ability to synchronize with on-screen actions. Aspiring playback singers undergo rigorous instruction in music theory, breath control, and modulation. Practice mimicking various emotions to suit diverse cinematic scenarios. Specialized training also focuses on adapting to different musical genres. Practical experience, guidance from experienced mentors, and exposure to studio environments are crucial components, preparing aspiring playback singers for the multifaceted demands of the entertainment industry.

Training Objective –

1. Warm up for vocals with exercises.
2. Pitch correction and exercises with scales .
3. Sargam practice upto 10 sargam. 

4. Rhythm practice with exercise .
5. Riyaz technique for better vocals before recording session.
6. Tips on making of the  track for the chosen  song.
7. Practice sessions on the chosen song to be recorded.
8. Tips on  maintaining  the expressions of the song, if it’s a cover or making or giving expressions and feels , if it’s an original cover .
9. Tips on how  to go into the mood of the song before recording. 

Outcome –

1. Students will gain strength in vocals with the vocal exercises. Warm ups, Sargam, Alankars, Riyaz and also have knowledge of pitch and scales with ear training .

2. Rhythm exercises will improve sense of rhythm and students will be able to sing on track for the chosen song to be reached .

3. Students will surely be able to perform and record confidently with the help of tips and techniques before the recording sessions.

4. All the tips and techniques will help the students to achieve a very soulful vocal output and it will also help in playback singing. 


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