Tabla For Kids




Explore the Rhythmic World of Tabla with Mayoor School of Music!

🥁 Tabla Mastery: Dive into the heart of Hindustani classical music with our Tabla course. You’ll gain a solid foundation in Tabla, the principal percussion instrument.

🎓 Curriculum Highlights:
1. Dahina Hand (Right Hand Drum) and Baya Hand (Left Hand Drum): Master the art of playing both drums individually.
2. The Rhythmic World: Understand the basics of Laya, Taal, Matra, Tali, Khali, Sam, Bibhag, Avartan, and more.
3. Taal Classification: Explore the various classifications of taal.
4. Popular Taals: Recite and play popular taals like Teental, Jhaptal, Keharwa, and Dadra.
5. Artistic Flourishes: Learn to play Kaida, Rela, Tukra, Tihai, and more, adding depth to your Tabla skills.
6. Fusion with Favorites: Bring Tabla into your favorite songs and discover the magic of fusion.
7. Dedicated Practice: Enhance your skills through guided practice sessions.

🕰️ Flexible Schedule: Our Tabla course offers 12 weekly classes, each lasting 50 to 55 minutes. It’s designed to seamlessly fit into your busy schedule. For those seeking more, inquire about our twice-a-week package.

Unleash your rhythmic potential and embark on a musical journey with the Tabla. Join us at Mayoor School of Music today!


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