Tabla has been the principal percussion instrument in Hindustani classical music. In this course we will include basic understanding of Lat taal , Matra, Dahina Hand, Baya Hand. This course will have 12 lesson . Every lesson will be of 50 mins. Class will held weekly in one to one session


• Dahina Hand( right hand drum) and Baya Hand ( left hand drum).
• Both the drums combinedly
• Basic understanding of Laya, Taal, Matra, Tali, Khali, Sam, Bibhag, Avartan etc.
• Classification of taal.
• Reciting with hand movements of a Popular taal like teental, jhaptal, keherwa and Dadra and playing of the same.
• Learn to play a few simple Kaida, rela, tukra, tihai, etc.
• Lear to Play Tabla with favourite Songs
• Practise sessions


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