Violin Classes




🎻 Unlock the Melodies: Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, our Bollywood Violin Pack is designed to enhance your skills and elevate your violin playing to new heights.

🎵 Comprehensive Curriculum: Our experienced violin instructors are passionate about music and committed to your growth as a violinist. With this pack, you’ll cover a wide range of topics, including:

1. Introduction to the violin and its parts.
2. Mastering the art of holding and tuning the violin.
3. Basic bowing and fingering techniques.
4. Reading sheet music.
5. Building a strong posture and hand position.
6. Exploring scales and arpeggios.
7. Playing simple melodies and songs.
8. Diving into basic music theory.
9. Delving into left-hand techniques and exercises.
10. Embracing vibrato and other expressive techniques.
11. Exploring shifting and position playing.
12. Tackling more complex pieces in various musical styles.
13. Advancing in music theory and analysis.
14. Developing your musical interpretation and expression.
15. Preparing for outstanding performances with expert techniques.

📆 Flexible Learning: Our course is designed with your schedule in mind, offering 12 weekly classes, each lasting 50 to 55 minutes. We also have a twice-a-week package for your convenience.

Elevate your violin skills and infuse Bollywood magic into your music with our Bollywood Violin Pack. Call us to start your musical journey today!


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