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Course Overview -
Embark on a melodic journey with Mayoor School of Music's Beginner Violin Course. Designed for aspiring musicians, this course covers fundamental techniques, note reading, and basic repertoire. Learn to play the violin with expert guidance, fostering a love for music in a supportive and engaging environment.

For online students, it’s necessary to have a violin.

Training Objectives -

1: How to hold Violin and bow.
2: Students will learn music notes and sight Reading which is D, B, E, F, G like this..
3: What are D major scale, G major scale, A major scale, E major scale..
4: Students will also learn some songs on violin like Christmas song, twinkle twinkle little star , ode to joy..
5. They will get basic knowledge of Beginner’s book - Violin.

Course Outcomes -
Students will be available to play music with himself they are known very well
Students will get to know about different scales in Violin.
Students will be able to know the scale of different songs.
Students will be able to play and produce different types of tunes.

Course Overview -
Elevate your violin skills with Mayoor School of Music's Intermediate Violin Course. Delve into advanced techniques, musical expression, and expanding repertoire. Our experienced instructors will guide you to refine your artistry, fostering confidence and proficiency. Join us to unlock the next level of musical excellence on the violin.

Students should have completed Level 1 Violin Course.

Training Objectives -
Beginner book half will be done on level 2
Students will learn bow excise ,scale practice and perfect holding, control on your bow
Students will get 3 exam pieces. 2 Tests according to the teacher and 1 test according to the student.
After this exam, Students will be start suzuki vol-1
Continue suzuki vol-1 book also some violin excise
Arpeggios, B minor scale, C minor scale
Also some song's jingle bell, happy birthday

Course Outcomes -
Level 2 students can tune the violin himself..
Students can change string and play done music peacess without any help

Course Overview -
Master the art of the violin with Mayoor School of Music's Advanced Violin Course. Tailored for accomplished players, this course explores virtuoso techniques, intricate repertoire, and musical interpretation at an advanced level. Elevate your performance skills and artistic expression under the guidance of our expert instructors, achieving musical excellence.

Students should have completed Level 2 Violin Course.

Learning Objective -

1 : After Suzuki Vol-1 done We start Suzuki Vol-2
2: Before starting suzuki vol-2 we will take an exam..We will give 3 pieces of music from this book.. 2 peace it's our choice and 1 student will choose
3:Then we will teach 3rd position.. How to shift fingers and play music in 3rd position..
4: Students will continue practicing finger shifting..
5: Then students will continue playing peace from Suzuki Vol-2.
6: After this book finishes.. Students will start suzuki vol-3
7: English song's on violin love story, Yumeji theme

Course Outcomes -
Students will be known very well for music sight readings and about violin intumescent..

Course Overview -
"Mayoor School of Music proudly presents the Level 4 Violin Course, designed to refine skills and deepen musical understanding. Explore complex techniques, diverse genres, and challenging repertoire. Our experienced instructors will guide you toward musical proficiency, ensuring a rewarding journey for dedicated violinists seeking advanced proficiency."

Students should have completed Level 3 Violin Course.

Learning Objectives -

1: Students will learn some English songs. They will learn songs like.. La La land, alchemist brothers, secret garden,
2: Then they will learn 2nd position, 3rd position, some scales
3: Double string scale and arpeggios ,
4: Suzuki vol-3 will continue after this book finishes .. Will start suzuki vol-4
5: Before starting suzuki vol -4 .. Students will be given an exam then they will continue lesson
6: Western vocal song on violin.. Despacito, city of star,
7: Students will continue lessons on suzuki vol-4 after this book finishes.. Will start suzuki vol-5

Course Outcomes -
1. They can play any Hindi and English songs on Violin.


🎻 Unlock the Melodies: Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, our Bollywood Violin Pack is designed to enhance your skills and elevate your violin playing to new heights.

🎵 Comprehensive Curriculum: Our experienced violin instructors are passionate about music and committed to your growth as a violinist. With this pack, you’ll cover a wide range of topics, including:

1. Introduction to the violin and its parts.
2. Mastering the art of holding and tuning the violin.
3. Basic bowing and fingering techniques.
4. Reading sheet music.
5. Building a strong posture and hand position.
6. Exploring scales and arpeggios.
7. Playing simple melodies and songs.
8. Diving into basic music theory.
9. Delving into left-hand techniques and exercises.
10. Embracing vibrato and other expressive techniques.
11. Exploring shifting and position playing.
12. Tackling more complex pieces in various musical styles.
13. Advancing in music theory and analysis.
14. Developing your musical interpretation and expression.
15. Preparing for outstanding performances with expert techniques.

📆 Flexible Learning: Our course is designed with your schedule in mind, offering 12 weekly classes, each lasting 50 to 55 minutes. We also have a twice-a-week package for your convenience.

Elevate your violin skills and infuse Bollywood magic into your music with our Bollywood Violin Pack. Call us to start your musical journey today!


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