Singing Competition | 7 key points to remember

Singing Competition

Are you participating in some singing competition? And have no idea where to start with, Hey! you are in the right place. Here, in this blog, you will get all the key points you need to know for preparing yourself for the upcoming competition. 

Singing competitions can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. To give a killer performance you should choose the right music track, practice a lot, build confidence, adopt a positive mindset, and many many things are there. There is one problem we have to tackle that is stage fright, many are familiar with this, the anxiety and nervousness, which is hard to control and bothers your performance.

So without further ado, let’s start with our key points:


It is important to know how you sound while singing so that you can choose a song which is suitable for your voice. It does not mean you cannot sing certain songs, but if you choose a song that is suitable for your voice then it just enhances your music. So knowing yourself is the first step. I would suggest avoiding songs that are out of your vocal range.

Don’t try to mimic other singers, just be yourself, to stand out, you need to be original and unique.


Pick a song that you can connect with, understand its meaning, that way you will remember the song, as well as will be able to give an emotional touch to it. 

Singing with emotions and true feelings will increase your chances to win, it will help you to connect with your audience. If you do a bit of research like what’s the trend in the music industry or what people like to listen to more and then choosing a song accordingly will help you more to connect with your audience.


Practice, the key factor, you should record yourself while practicing that way you can analyze your singing if you are making any mistakes you can rectify that too.

It is good to schedule a fixed time for your practice if you get the habit of practicing at the same time every day then you will not procrastinate as it is in your routine now. You have to decide which time you are comfortable practicing, afternoon, evening, or morning and just stick to it. If you are busy at that scheduled time, don’t skip it, just try to reschedule.

The length of your practice session matters a lot, if you are unable to practice for more than 10-20 minutes, it is ok, continue it then gradually increase the time to 30-60 minutes per day until you get control of your voice. But remember don’t practice too much, you don’t have to put much pressure on your throat, quality is important than quantity. 


Now comes the topic, Stage Fright, it happens with many people that even if the remember the lyrics they tend to forget when they are on the stage, it happens due to anxiety or nervousness. You cannot get rid of this but you can control by practicing in front of the mirror or front of your family and friends, once you feel comfortable singing in front of these people try singing in events like birthday parties or weddings. It will boost your confidence. And also ask for their honest feedback, it will help to improve your singing if needed.


Do not skip your meal or sleep for practice. This is the worst thing you can do to yourself. It is important to take proper care of your physical and mental health as you need both of them while performing. Have a healthy diet, exercise a little or you can do yoga as well, perform breathe exercises, and get proper sleep. You should look fresh and energetic in your singing competition.


If you are dehydrated it will have a proper impact on your voice. I am pretty much sure you have heard that singers, actors, or any public speakers need to stay hydrated to articulate themselves in front of the crowd. Your voice will crack out of dehydration. Carry a water bottle everywhere. Try drinking lukewarm water, it will clear your throat.


Voice coaches can be the best investment. We need them. Winning a competition without a voice coach is great, but professionals do not recommend that. With the help of a teacher, you can improve your singing and can also learn new voice techniques. They are great morale boosters as well. Vocal coaches can give you proper training on how to present yourself on the stage, what you should do to improve your voice and what all things you can add on your singing routine. They just contribute to your overall performance. You can join an online class as well.

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Bottom Line

Preparing for the Singing Competition is halfway winning already. Don’t forget to warm up your breathing and your voice before entering the stage and have plenty of rest before the singing competition. Diet is really important, avoid things that irritate your throat and drink plenty of water.

Don’t be over-confident and don’t let your mind control you, there are going to judgments and harsh feedback, take it positively and work even harder. Always have an eye on your schedule if you feel like there are some habits which you should be changing, change it. 

And the last thing is, winning is not important, giving your best is important if you focus on winning there are chances you will feel more anxious which will have a direct effect on your performance.

So be calm and focus on giving your 100%.

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