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Mayoor School of Music offers Hindustani Classical Vocal and Bollywood Singing Classes with wide range of courses to help you work on your passion for music. Our easy online singing classes give you an opportunity to learn music from anywhere and anytime in the world as per your convenience.

Enrolment with MSM

When you enroll with MSM, our team will get in touch with you to discuss all the important details like your class schedule, login procedure, etc.

Classes as per your convenience

On the mutually agreed time and date, the online singing classes will be conducted.

Practice with the class recordings

Class recordings will be provided by the school throughout the session and also for a week after the completion of the course. The videos are only view-able.


After your online singing classes or completion on your course, you will be awarded with a Certificate.

Our Story

We are Mayoor School of Music, an institution solely dedicated towards introducing a passive innovation in the teaching format for better guidance of classical singing classes in singing art.

Mayoor School of Music is an online music learning platform created on the increasing demands for a legitimate music certification institute to counter the problems faced by singing aspirants in classical singing classes. Mayoor School of Music was formed by our dear Mayoor Chaudhary Sir in July, 2018.


I came to know about Mayoor School Of Music from YouTube. I was impressed by the tutorial videos of Mayoor Sir and then I decided to enroll my daughter who is 10 years old. Since we don’t live in india her hindi is not very good but now she sings hindi classical songs very beautifully. Her mentor is polite and compassionate with her. She has really worked passionately with her and i can see tremendous improvement in her singing. I highly recommend Mayoor School of Music to everyone!

Sujata (Suhani’s Mother)

I came to know about Mayoor Shcool of Music (MSM) while watching Mayoor Sir’s YouTube lessons about 2 years back. I love singing, and always had the interest to learn Indian classical music, but never got the opportunity because of my work schedule and travel requirements. I enrolled in MSMs lessons for Hindustani classical. Mayoor sir assigned a very good teacher to me. Anyone who has a keen interest in learning Indian classical music but does not have the opportunity to learn from a nearby good teacher in-person should seriously give Mayoor School of Music a try.

Ashok Murali

United States
"Mayoor is a gifted singer and passionate about teaching the art of music. He customized my class to meet my unique need for learning both singing and composing music. Most of all he taught me to really enjoy music. I know he will run his school at the highest standard possible and ensure each student reaches their best singing potential."

Pallavi Vanacharla

"Mayoor Music School Management is indeed good! Staff and the instructors are also cooperative, concerned and friendly." Thank You

Shilpi Kavaiya


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Here are some special moments we want to share with you. MSM sponsors a great event for singers which is Karaoke NightsHere every participant gets a chance to perform live. Check Out!