We are Mayoor School of Music, an institution solely dedicated towards introducing a passive innovation in the teaching format for better guidance for Hindi singing lessons for beginners in singing art. Mayoor School of Music is an online singing learning platform created on the increasing demands for a Hindi singing lessons for beginners legitimate music certification institute to counter the problems faced by singing aspirants. Mayoor School of Music was formed by our dear Mayoor Chaudhary Sir.

Mayoor Chaudhary is a professional singer, songwriter, composer and performer, he has a YouTube channel since 2009 where he has been helping people with online music tutorials apart from that he has taught various students online who have made a mark in their careers. But over the years he realized the massive potential in the upcoming decade and critical shortage of legitimate institutes and dire need of its reach, so that’s why he founded Mayoor School of Music to coach music aspirants online in their endeavor.
Our Objective
Our objective is simply to provide an affordable and accessible opportunity to all the aspiring artists out there, to learn and improve their singing. We want to make your learning experience as convenient as possible.

We work day and night to make lectures as easy and precise as possible to make sure your other activities doesn’t get affected. So even if you are a beginners student servicemen or a businessman, you would still have the luxury of attending both of them appropriately.
Our Vision
Mayoor School of Music is an institute fully capable and willing to dedicate itself to the cause for providing universal accessible platform for learning music. We at Mayoor School of Music doesn’t believe in schooling for business rather we strike towards addressing the shortage of true professional music teacher and to resolve the issue of all those expansive schooling institutes who are both incapable and unwilling  to produce a single result. Don’t be persuaded by these fancy and expansive, incapable and undeserving music institutes. If you wish to learn music by professionals, come join us!!!
Our Call For Action

We wish to create a unique learning school for music, so that the Hindi singing lessons for beginners who are not familiar with it can be made aware about the diversity of Indian style of music. Also we wish to contribute productive singers to the society. This cause needs your attention and support. Become a part of Mayoor School of Music because the world is progressing towards digital era, previous method of offline teaching is bound to get outdated soon.