Bollywood Pack




Bollywood Pack

Introducing our Bollywood Pack: Learn to Sing Your 4 Favourite Songs!

🎶 Dive into the world of your cherished Bollywood melodies with our Bollywood Pack. This course is your gateway to singing your favorite songs like a pro!

👩‍🎤 Personalized Learning: You have the freedom to choose any three songs you love, and we’ll guide you through the journey of mastering them. Whether it’s the lyrics, song situation, music composition, or the finer nuances like inflections and ornamentations, we’ve got you covered.

📅 Course Structure:
– 12 Weekly Classes: Our course spans 12 classes, conducted on a weekly basis. Each class is designed to be 50 to 55 minutes long.
– One-on-One Learning: Enjoy personalized attention as you learn at your own pace.

📜 Curriculum Highlights:
– Introduction to the Song: Explore the song’s context, lyrics, and references.
– Mukhda Mastery: Dive into the song’s opening, mastering ornamentations, inflections, lyrics, and practice.
– Antara Excellence: Break down the song’s verses into two parts, focusing on lyrics, ornamentations, inflections, and extensive practice.
– Sing the Whole Song: As you progress, sing the entire song with confidence, incorporating all you’ve learned.

🌟 Learning Outcomes:
– Gain a deep understanding of song composition, context, lyrics, and pronunciation.
– Master the basic tune and progressively work on the Mukhda and Antara of your chosen songs.
– Sing with confidence: By the end of this course, you’ll be able to perform not one, but four of your favorite songs.

Unleash your inner Bollywood sensation with our Bollywood Pack! Call us today to embark on this musical journey..


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