Bollywood Pack




Bollywood Pack

This course has been designed to help you to sing your favorite songs. This classes will cover the lyrics, song situation, music composition and finer nuances such as the inflections and ornamentations. We give you a chance to choose any three songs of your choice which you would want to learn. This course consists of 12 classes on a weekly basis (class duration: 50 minutes). You can learn on one on one basis.


  • Introduction

Introduction To The Song, Lyrics Of The Song, Reference

  • Mukhda Of The Song

Mukhda Introduction, Ornamentation, Lyrics Of Mukhda, And Inflection Of Mukhda, Learning, And Practice Of Mukhda, Practice Of Mukhda

  • Antara 1 Of The Song

Introduction To Antara 1, Antara 1 Lyrics, Song Ornamentation’s And Inflections For Antara 1, Practice And Learning Of Antara 1

  • Antara 2 Of The Song

Introduction To Antara 2, Antara 2 Lyrics, Song Ornamentations And Inflections For Antara 2, Practice And Learning Of Antara 2

  • Entire Song

Singing Of The Entire Song, Entire Song Lyrics, Practice, And Learning Of Entire Song, Reference

Learning Outcomes:

  • You will get to understand the song composition, situation, lyrics and some of the pronunciations
  • You will be able to learn the basic tune and then start working on the Mukhda and then the Antara.
  • After this course, you will be able to sing your favorite songs.


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