Guitar for Kids



Overview -

Students must have a Guitar
Students must have a guitar tuning app installed in their mobile phone.

Training Objectives -

Basic details of the instrument - Introduction to guitar parts, names, and basic functionality.
Learn to hold the guitar correctly
Understand basic string names and tuning.
Introduction to picking and strumming techniques.
Familiarity with basic chords.
Develop a sense of rhythm.

Songs -
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Happy Birthday
Row, Row, Row your boat
The wheels on the bus
( You can choose any other songs as well)

Course Outcomes -
Students will be able to play basic chords and simple melodies.
Students will develop a fundamental understanding of guitar anatomy.
Basic rhythm and strumming proficiency

Course Overview -

Students must have a Guitar
Students must have a guitar tuning app installed in their mobile phone.
Students should have completed Level 1 of Guitar training.

Training Objectives -

Basic details of the instrument: Review and Expand on guitar parts and functions
Improve chord transitions and strumming patterns
Introducing finger picking techniques.
Learn more advanced chords
Explore basic music theory related to guitar.

Songs -
A-B-C easy as 1-2-3.
London Bridge is falling down
You are my sunshine
Jingle Bells.
( You can choose any other songs as well)

Course Outcomes -
Proficiency in playing a variety of chords.
Introduction to fingerstyle playing.
Understanding of music theory related to chords.


Discover the enchanting world of the guitar with Mayoor School of Music. Our Guitar Basics course is tailored for beginners, offering the perfect entry point into the realm of this fretted musical instrument.

What You’ll Learn:

🎸 Guitar Anatomy and Posture: Begin by understanding the fundamentals of the guitar, from its anatomy to the correct playing posture.

🎵 Open Strings: Learn to create beautiful sounds with open strings, the foundation of guitar playing.

🎶 Guitar Tuning: Achieve perfect harmony by tuning your guitar accurately.

🎼 Fretted Notes: Dive into the world of fretted notes, unlocking a world of musical possibilities.

🎤 Plectrum Technique: Master the use of a plectrum to enhance your playing style.

🥁 Rhythm & Notation: Explore the rhythm and notation, essential for becoming a well-rounded guitarist.

🕰️ Practicing with a Metronome: Perfect your timing and tempo through metronome practice.

🎼 Basics of Music: Develop a strong foundation in the basics of music theory.

🎹 The Musical Alphabet and Key: Understand the musical alphabet and key, keys to unlocking musical mysteries.

🎶 Basic Intervals: Explore intervals like half steps, whole steps, and octaves, adding depth to your music.

🎵 Scales with the C Major Scale: Immerse yourself in scales, starting with the C Major Scale.

🎸 Chords with Open Chords in the Key of C Major: Dive into chords, mastering open chords in the key of C Major.

🎵 Play Your Favourite Songs: Beyond the basics, we’ll teach you how to play your favorite songs, single note melodies, chord progressions, and introduce the exciting concept of improvisation.

📆 Flexible Schedule: Our 12-week course offers weekly classes, thoughtfully designed to harmonize with your busy life. Each session spans 50 to 55 minutes, ensuring efficient learning. For added flexibility, inquire about our twice-a-week package.

Unleash your inner guitarist and embark on a musical journey that will resonate with you for a lifetime. Join our Guitar Mastery course today and start strumming your way to musical excellence!


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