Guitar is a fretted musical instrument, very famous among youngster. In this course we will teach you the basics of Guitar, Rhymes , Notation, Practise sessions with Songs. This course will have 12 lesson . Every lesson will be of 50 mins. Class will held weekly in one to one session.


Guitar Basics

Guitar anatomy and Posture
Open Strings
Guitar Tuning
Fretted Notes
Plectrum Technique

Rhythm & Notation

Guitar Tablature
Note Values
Guitar Tablature
Practicing with a metronome

Basics of Music

The Musical Alphabet and Key
Basic Intervals – half step, whole step and octave
Scales with the C Major Scale
Chords with open chords in the key of C Major


Single note melodies
Chord Progressions
Harmony in music
Songs using chord progressions
Concept of Improvisation



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